Welcome to the Homepage for the North Alcoa Superfund Alternative Site. Here you will find general information about construction activities currently underway at the site. The areas depicted in the pictures below have been transformed to provide office, equipment storage and security facilities and will remain until work is complete.  Also shown are aerial photographs showing construction progress at the site from July to September 2014. 

Construction activities relate to implementation of the remedies selected by the Agencies and finalized through a Consent Decree between the City of East St. Louis, Alton and Southern Railway and Alcoa.  These activities relate specifically to construction work conducted as part of Operable Unit 1 (OU-1).  A second area referred to as Operable Unit 2 (OU-2) is currently undergoing further investigations to determine necessary remediation activities which will address existing environmental conditions.

Waste Management National Services (WMNS) has been contracted by Alcoa to perform the selected activities for OU-1.  WMNS is committed to the communities they work in, whether through local hiring practices, sustainability services or wildlife preservation.  As the prime contractor for the North Alcoa OU-1 project site, WMNS is hiring local subcontractors as a means of supporting the local businesses and citizens of the East St. Louis area.  Currently, WMNS estimates the hiring of 100 to 150 local people to support the remediation of OU-1, which constitutes approximately 85% of the project's workforce.  It is understood that a large majority of these residents consider the Alcoa site a landmark and many childhood stories have been shared regarding the site and baseball games played there in years past.  Many citizens of the East St. Louis area feel a sense of connection and respect for the process, which fosters community involvement when they are involved through the hiring of local subcontractors.  Local hiring also has sustainability benefits by reducing the greenhouse gas footprint associated with longer commutes.

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